Working Space

Sit-stand working

A sit-stand table or desk is the ideal workstation. We can use the best work chair available, we can use it with awareness and considerably reduce the strain of sitting, but it can’t change one fundamental point: we simply aren’t made for long periods of seated work.

A sit-stand work table gives us the freedom to work seated or standing and to change between the two as often as we wish. It also allows us to adjust quickly and easily for the task (computer work and paperwork require different working heights).

Changing frequently between sitting and standing minimises tension and strain. We should ideally change between the two every twenty minutes or so.

We have a range of sit-stand solutions. All are practical; some are also fine examples of modern furniture design.

If you would like to know more about sit-stand solutions, please contact us. You may also care to visit our website devoted to sit-stand working: