Working Space


We specialise in ergonomic furniture solutions which minimise the postural strain associated with sitting to work. This may involve an individual client working at a computer in a home office or multiple users in an orthodox office space.

Our solutions are not confined to typical computer and paperwork tasks: our clients include sculptors and painters, jewellers and watchmakers, laboratory workers and others engaged in specialised work. We also have a special interest in solutions for all levels of education.

Though we refer to “furniture”, our solutions are better described as modern workplace tools. Work chairs and tables are not static pieces designed for appearance or ornament: they are tools which contribute to our wellbeing and effectiveness.

Our website

Our website offers useful and important information. It is impossible to make sensible and effective choices about work chairs and workstation furniture without some understanding of the important issues.

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Our Publications section contains useful downloadable documents designed for reading on screen. They are worth your attention.